Saturday, 27 Feb 2021

Bulldog’s reaction to seeing 101 Dalmatians on TV leaves Reddit viewers howling

A lovely dog has gone viral after a clip emerged of his reaction to a classic Disney animation.

American bulldog Moose left his owners chuckling when they saw him paying avid attention to 101 Dalmatians playing on the TV.

They posted the clip on Reddit where it has been upvoted 20,000 times in just 10 hours.

Mobile phone footage shows the three-year-old canine wagging his tail profusely and setting his eyes on the dog characters in the animation.

When the poodle character yowls in the movie, Moose seems to understand and responds with a loud bark while standing on his hind legs.

The adorable dog realises a change of scene and tilts his head before it shows a litter of puppies barking in a pet shop.

Moose's owner chuckles in the background when he paces back and forth and growls at the antagonist Cruella de Vil.

Viewers were amazed by Moose's enthusiasm and called him "sweet and funny".

One commented: "Most magnificent tail I’ve seen."

"That is too sweet and funny," another added. "My dog couldn't care less unless she hears a doorbell on the tv."

A third said: "That is just too cute."

Some dog owners said their dog didn't bother much what was showing on television.

"I wish my dog would notice the TV," one added. "Whatever is on, dogs or no dogs, he just ignores it."

A second penned: "My dog has zero interest in watching anything on TV. I put it on Animal Planet nature documentaries. Nothing.

"Dogs 101. Doesn't care. I try to show her videos on my phone. She sniffs the phone then lays on the floor and chews on her bone."

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