Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Cat that looks just like a panda becomes famous with people flocking to see him

A weird-looking cat has become an internet star after he was spotted resting on a car bonnet by a local resident.

The pet cat, named Panda after its distinctive black and white coat, has amazed viewers with his "sad and ugly" appearance.

Footage shared on DouYin, a Chinese version of TikTok, captures Panda's poignant look while sitting on a car bonnet in front of a hostel in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan province.

As the camera zooms in, Panda appears to have a special hair cut with a patch of straight black fringe on the top between his two ears.

The friendly moggie looks up to the camera, revealing his two big "dark circles".

Mr Jiang, 24, who wished not to reveal his full name, shared the footage to Chinese social media where viewers claimed Panda is "the ugliest yet cute-looking cat" they've ever seen.

The clip was shared to an account dedicated to Panda, called Cat from the Hostel, which has more than 64,000 followers.

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  • It has since been seen more than 2 million views and has attracted thousands of comments.

    One viewer: "It's such a cute cat! But I couldn't stop laughing looking at his frowning face."

    "This must be the ugliest cat ever, look at those dark circles," another joked.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Mr Jiang said the cat was famous in the local neighbourhood.

    He said: "I've decided to open a DouYin account dedicated to Panda, because he's getting a lot of attention lately.

    "You might think Panda is a stray cat, but he actually belongs to the owner of a hostel.

    "The owner named him Panda not only because of the fur colour, but also we're in Sichuan, which is the home of the giant pandas."

    He added that people treat the cat like a celebrity and bring food when they visit.

    "There is a primary school next to the hostel," Mr Jiang continued. "The students and teachers always come around and take pictures of Panda."

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