Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

China facing huge electricity shortage with millions plunged into blackout

China is about to be plunged into a nationwide power shortage which could see millions of people left without electricity.

This week, a whopping two thirds of the country faced blackouts and rationing.

It has been thrust into the crisis as it is struggling to balance prices with demand and has dangerously low coal reserves.

But top officials are blaming the problem on a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, reports news.comau.

Even state-controlled Chinese media has acknowledged the problem, and Beijing-based Global Times appealed for a fix as soon as possible.

It warned that “temperatures in northeast China are sliding down” and admitted: “There were some gaps that may have caused the collapse of the (northeast) power grid.”

But it wasn’t free of propaganda and claimed: “We are destined to become a global superpower in terms of power generation.

“We cannot always be a superpower with a high proportion of coal-fired power generation among major economies.”

The chaos could affect China’s international relations and it comes just weeks after Taiwanese officials accused the superpower of “bullying”.

They said they needed long-range weapons to protect themselves as President Xi sent two fleets of fighter planes into its airspace in a thinly-veiled trade threat.

China does not recognise Taiwan's existence as an independent country and claims it is a treacherous outpost of the Chinese republic.

Tensions have heightened as a geopolitical battle to control the South China Sea rages on.

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The strategically valuable stretch of water is a passageway for trillions of pounds in global trade each year.

And as the electricity crisis continues, more pressure is set to build on China’s economy.

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