Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Christmas card mocks No10 Christmas party as anger at Boris Johnson grows

A company has wasted no time in poking fun at the Conservative Party as the country's anger grows over the Downing Street Christmas party last year.

Silly Sentiments, an online shop that specialises in funny greeting cards, has released their latest card for the holiday season that teases the country's leaders.

The "Downing Street Allegra Christmas Card" features a picture of disgraced former adviser Allegra Stratton along with the words "There ain't no party like a Downing Street Party", but the words "party" are crossed out with "Business Meeting" written over it instead, Mirror Online reports.

Allegra Stratton, who resigned this week as an adviser to Boris Johnson after footage surfaced of her laughing about a Downing Street party, is also featured on the card.

Allegra is pictured wearing a Santa hat with a speech bubble that reads: "Cheese, wine and no social distancing."

"Send your Tory-hating friend this funny downing street Allegra Stratton inspired Christmas party card, because who doesn't love cheese, wine and no social distancing at Christmas?" the card description reads.

The greeting card comes as anger mounts against Downing Street after it was reported they held a party on December 18 last year.

During this time, London was in a Tier 3 lockdown meaning thousands were unable to see loved ones and friends over the festive period.

But the Government has insisted that no rules were broken.

A clip was leaked to ITV News of a private "mock" press conference just four days after the government's bash.

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Ms Stratton is seen shrugging "what's the answer?" before jovially saying it "was not socially distanced".

Boris Johnson has been accused of leading with a "culture of disregard for the rules" after a photo emerged of him taking part in an online Downing Street quiz.

The image, reported by the Sunday Mirror, shows a screen with the Prime Minister sitting in front of a laptop in the No 10 library as one of his colleagues is wearing tinsel.

Downing Street said the Conservative Party leader "briefly" took part "virtually" in the quiz on December 15.

The festive event allegedly took place just three days before the Christmas party in No 10, which is currently being investigated by Cabinet Secretary Simon Case.

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Deputy party leader Angela Rayner said: "While the rules said that people shouldn't have Christmas parties at work and Britons across the country were doing the right thing, Boris Johnson was instead happy to preside over a culture of disregard for the rules at the heart of Government.

"Despite repeated denials of parties in Number 10, it now transpires that there were numerous parties, gatherings and the Prime Minister even took part in a festive quiz.

"Boris Johnson really believes it's one rule for him, another for everyone else. He is a man unfit to lead this country."

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