Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023

Coronavirus: Canadian regions prepare to fight flooding amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The last couple of years have taken on a biblical tone in the rural Pontiac region of Quebec.

The small community of about 6,000 has recovered from five natural disasters in just two years. Floods and microbursts have wiped out homes, roads and culverts. Last year’s tornado was the cherry on the cake.

“Our little municipality has become experts at managing crises,” said Mayor Joanne Labadie.

But nothing could prepare them for the possibility of fighting another flood with a global pandemic on their doorstep, she said.

Still, they’re getting ready as best they can.

“The challenges of managing a flood with the complexities of COVID-19, it’s daunting,” she said.

Pontiac is one of dozens of flood-prone regions bracing for the possibility of rising waters amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Not far across the provincial border, Pontiac’s metropolitan neighbours in Ottawa are facing the same worries.

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