Friday, 9 Jun 2023

Coronavirus patient ‘deliberately coughs in nurse’s face’ before fleeing scene

A coronavirus patient reportedly coughed into the face of a brave nurse before fleeing the scene.

Police force Gardai, in Ireland, are investigating the incident that took place after the man presented himself at Dublin hospital.

It is understood he presented himself to medics after developing symptoms associated with COVID-19.

He demanded a test and was given a mask, according to the Irish Sun on Sunday.

But the suspect then began to yell at a front-line worker before being placed into an isolation room to be examined by a doctor.

It is reported he was told he could be released and that a test would be taken at his home, but he instead burst into an angry frenzy, shouting at the nurse and was coughing in her face before fleeing the scene.

The report adds that Gardai are investigating CCTV and prepared to take a statement from the nurse, who is now in self-isolation.

A source told the paper: “This individual was very aggressive towards the nurse and she wasn’t quite sure what he was saying when he was shouting.

“This man was engaging in very threatening behaviour to a front-line worker who’s putting her life on the line trying to save others.

“He coughed at the health worker clearly in a way to intimidate and frighten her. Tests will now be conducted to see if this individual and the nurse he intimidated have contracted the virus.

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“His behaviour was disgusting and has now led to a front-line worker being forced away from her essential duties.”

In the UK, the death toll rose to 281 on Sunday with an 18-year-old understood to be the youngest British victim so far.

Daily Star Online has approached Gardai for comment.

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