Friday, 29 Sep 2023

Coronavirus: Queen’s suspends all undergraduate classes for a week

Queen’s University principal Patrick Deane has announced all undergraduate classes, save Health Sciences classes and at those held at the Bader International Study Centre, will be cancelled for a week.

“The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving across the globe. The university recognizes that there is a great deal of concern amongst students, staff and faculty,” Deane wrote in a statement sent out by the university Friday.

Deane added that although experts still maintain that the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus is low in Kingston, the university has decided to cancel undergraduate classes for “operational reasons” starting Monday.

Plans for “alternate delivery” will be communicated with staff and students in the coming week.

“We need to take time to assess how our educational programs will proceed. The university will maintain all operations. Some students may decide to return home and that is left to individual choice. Residences will remain open,” Deane wrote.

The principal also noted that the province’s decision to close publically funded schools for two weeks after March break has put pressure on the post-secondary instituion.

“We are working on plans for staff and faculty to assist them with childcare pressures due to school closures.”

Deane noted that any changes regarding the Bader International Study Centre will be communicated separately.

More to come.

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