Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Coronavirus Wuhan: Residents told to stay inside days before travel ban ceases

Residents are being warned to stay indoors to strengthen protection measures just days before travel restrictions are to be lifted on the city. Authorities within the city urged residents not to be hasty in their newfound freedom, with fears over a second-wave outbreak high.

In all, China has reported more than 81,600 cases of the virus since the outbreak began.

Of all its cases, 3,322 people died – a relatively small figure compared to Italy and Spain’s 13,915 and 10,348 deaths respectively.

The figures have led many to question China’s level of transparency in reporting its coronavirus cases and deaths.

Until this week China’s national health commission was not including people who tested positive but showed no symptoms.

It reported 31 new cases on Friday, including two locally transmitted infections.

Of these new cases, four people died – all of them in Wuhan.

Yet, a new report from the US intelligence service suggests that the numbers do not represent the true extent of the outbreak.

There, officials claim Chinese authorities have and are under-reporting both total cases and deaths suffered as a result of COVID-19.

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If true, it could have serious repercussions with the ongoing battle against the virus.

The US officials have not yet been named as the report is classified, and refused to disclose all its details, according to Bloomberg.

But they admitted the general direction their research has taken suggests China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete.

Two of the officials went as far as to reveal that the report concluded that China’s numbers are fake.


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Meanwhile, Wuhan has in recent weeks eased restrictions on its residents and announced that travel limitations will be lifted on April 8 for those with the green “health code”.

On Saturday 14 April, China will hold a national mourning days for its coronavirus “martyrs”.

The day will be dedicated to those who sacrificed their own health in order to respond to the pandemic.

Li Wenliang is among the 14 health workers and police declared to be “martyrs” for their efforts.

Initially reprimanded for “spreading rumours” about the virus, the Chinese doctor is now regarded as having blown the whistle on the virus which has swept the world.

His reprimand will now be withdrawn.

On Thursday the number of confirmed cases worldwide surpassed one million.

The US is fast becoming the worst hit country in the world, with its death toll on Thursday exceeding 5,000.

According to Johns Hopkins University there were 884 deaths in the past 24 hours – a new record.

Prediction models from experts employed by president Donald Trump suggest that the nation’s best case scenario will see between 100,000 and 240,000 people die from the virus in the next two weeks.

Worst case scenarios suggest 1.5m and 2.2m deaths without the proper mitigation measures practiced by the public.

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