Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021

Crazed chihuahua mauls woman’s face ripping off eyelid during lash appointment

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A 23-year-old woman lost an eyelid after a chihuahua mauled her face during what she called the "worst" lash experience.

Kelsey Salmon, from Georgia, US, was celebrating her birthday with an appointment at the home salon where she said the tiny dog leapt on to her and "bit me in the face".

When she looked down and saw the dog had yanked off her right eyelid, Salmon started "flipping out", she told TikTok users.

In "Tell me your worst lash experience…" Kelsey showed graphic pics and footage of her bloodied eye after the incident with the lash business owner's dog.

Salmon told 1.8m viewers of the viral video: “She had a chihuahua and right after I was done getting my lashes done, he jumped up and bit me in the face.

“It happened so fast, I didn’t know what he grabbed."

After the chihuahua bounced away the lash technician picked up the missing piece of her eye from the floor and said: "You dropped your eyelid."

Kelsey then phoned 911 and spent 15h at A&E in a panic to reattach it, with surgeons working for two hours.

Now the young woman has an intense daily care routine to insure the wound doesn't get infected.

She must take off the metal eye patch she sleeps in and ice the swelling before her mum helps put drops in.

Kelsey's first video got 1.8m views, with hundreds of thousands of TikTok users tuning in to follow-ups with more details and graphic photos of the battle scars.

One user wrote: "Thank you for reminding me that I don't want extensions."

Another added: "Ohhh no siss!! Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery."

And some said Kelsey should take legal action against the lash technician.

User Nikki Simches commented: "Oh, oh no. Baby… this is a lawsuit."

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