Friday, 16 Apr 2021

Crossdressing Tesco employee astounded by support after wearing skirt to work

A crossdressing Tesco employee has revealed the support he has received after wearing a woman's uniform to work.

Jeremy Jeffrey, 56, from Beverley, Hull, who admits to feeling "more comfortable" in ladies' outfits, said he was astounded by the positive reaction by both colleagues and customers since donning skirts while at the supermarket.

He first started wearing women's clothes in public two years ago when he began popping to his local shop in skirts.

And Jeremy, who is straight, admitted he was surprised by the lack of negativity regarding his choice.

"I've been this way in terms of wanting to wear women’s clothes all my life, but in the early days I kept it quiet," he told the Hull Daily Mail.

"It is no secret that I liked to wear heeled boots, and then started having my nails done, but transitioned to wearing a skirt in public around Christmas time two years ago.

"It was a big deal but it kickstarted to wearing women’s clothing full-time when my manager accepted my order of a skirt when I needed a new uniform at Tesco.

"I got full acceptance and support of management to do this and the team have been brilliant.

"In the first couple of days it was scary wearing a skirt to work, but now I’m a lot happier and so glad I did it.

"There were a couple of second glances from customers, but I was actually pleasantly surprised how little reaction there was."

He added that he could "count on one hand" the number of times he has received negative feedback.

Jeremy also revealed how is dress sense had prompted questions about his sexuality.

"I often get asked if I'm gay," he said.

"Well no – I'm not. I've had girlfriends and it's great because we can share a wardrobe.

"I just merely feel more comfortable and relaxed in women's clothes. I don't want to be a woman, but I just like the more feminine way of dressing.

"I enjoy football, nights out with the lads, love my sports and all the blokey stuff like that.

"I do have wigs, but I don't really wear them and just have my natural hair.

"I'm a guy who wears a skirt and I feel a lot happier now I can just be myself and get on with life."

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