Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Dad declares victory over ‘neighbours with huge sign after two-year planning row

A dad in Scotland has become a bit of a local celebrity after he hit back at "petty" neighbours with a huge sign in his garden following a planning row.

Alastair Leggate put the "tongue-in-cheek" banner up in his garden after the council decided he could keep a shed that he built a couple of years earlier.

The 46-year-old has finally put to bed a planning saga which saw multiple anonymous complaints made to the council about his handy work, reports Daily Record.

Alastair, who is a joiner by trade, built his shed in August 2019 and was given a couple of pigeons by a friend that he kept in there with the children's rabbits.

In October 2020 the dad-of-three received a knock on the door from the environmental health after a complaint about him keeping pigeons.

After inspecting the property the environmental health team decided there was no issue and were happy for the pigeons to stay.

The family had thought that was the end of the issue but in January 2021 the council approached Alastair again after complaints were raised regarding a 'large structure' that had been built in his garden.

The confused dad couldn't believe it when he was forced to apply for planning permission for the shed – which he had built over a year ago.

He continued: “The council came back in January that they had been told I’d built a large structure in my garden. I said 'I hadn't built a large structure, it's the same shed'.

"So, I had to go for planning permission for the shed which just seemed to be absolutely ridiculous. I got 11 anonymous complaints on the planning portal online.

“All the people round about us don't have any issue. I’m good pals with all my immediate neighbours and they said they had no problem after a letter was sent around about it from the council."

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Last week, while on holiday in Blackpool, Alastair learned that the council had granted him permission to keep the shed and his pigeons.

He admitted he couldn't wait to come home and get his banner up to celebrate his victory.

"The sign was a bit of tongue and cheek because I don't know who complained. If someone had come to the door I would have compromised but it's just ridiculous.

"The sign is just a wee bit of happiness after the time we've had over the last two years. We don't need to be complaining about each other it's just nonsense.

"If I was genuinely causing someone upset we would have done something right away but it was just pettiness."

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