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Dad throws 3-year-old son from 5th-floor window because he thinks tot is ‘evil’

A Russian father threw his toddler son out of a fifth-storey window because he reportedly believed the baby was evil.

The Russian father, named Leonid Kudryavtsev, 24, was quickly arrested after throwing the nappy-wearing baby out of the incredibly high window.

The incident took place in Moscow shortly after Kudryavtsev arrived at his mother-in-law's home where the three-year-old boy had been living on 4th August.

Reports say that a row broke out and the suspect threw his young son out of the open window on the fifth-floor.

The boy’s grandmother witnessed the shocking incident, however bystanders on the street were the first to call the emergency services.

After the incident, Kudryavtsev reportedly fled the scene barefoot, wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

According to REN TV, the boy was conscious the whole time he was lying on the tarmac in his nappy and first spoke to helpful bystanders and then paramedics who arrived on the scene. The boy repeated that he was in great pain.

The news site Gazeta said the child is currently in a serious condition and is receiving around-the-clock medical care.

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Kudryavtsev was arrested the following day and will be sent for psychiatric analysis after reportedly telling officers that his son is evil and that he was only trying to help him.

In other news, an "uncaring" mum who murdered her three-year-old daughter after a horrible spout of abuse has been jailed for 15 years today.

Kaylee-Jayde Priest was found dead in a flat in Solihull, where she lived with her mum Nicola Priest, in August last year.

Birmingham Crown Court previously heard how Priest called her daughter a 'little b***' and a 'rat', and just days earlier had threatened to kill the youngster.

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Priest had also sent her boyfriend Callum Redfern, 22, a message saying she had smacked the little girl for 'sh***ing in her nappy'.

Redfern was locked up for 14 years for his part in the youngster's death.

Priest was given 15 years for manslaughter and a term of three years for a child cruelty charge.

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