Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Denmark to ban prisoners serving life from new romantic relationships

Prisoners serving life sentences in Denmark are to be banned from entering new romantic relationships.

Under a new bill introduced by the Danish government, inmates will be limited to contacting those already close to them for the first decade of their sentence.

The six-point bill has been proposed by minister of justice Nick Haekkerup, who hopes the ban will curb the rise of “groupies” for criminals.

“Today, it is possible for lifers and detainees to write to, call and receive visits from people with whom they have been in contact during their imprisonment,” the minister said.

“This makes it possible, for example, for lifers to have new relationships while serving their sentences.”

Prisoners will no longer be able to spend time dating or talking about their crimes on social media and will be restricted to letters or telephone contact with people they already knew prior to their imprisonment.

Mr Haekkerup said: “In recent years, we have seen distasteful examples of inmates who have committed bestial crimes being contacted by very young people to gain their sympathy and attention.

“Of course, we have to stop that. That is why the government is now coming up with six concrete initiatives that fundamentally restrict the opportunity for lifers and certain detainees to make contact with the outside world.”

The bill comes following revelations that a woman fell in love with submarine killer Peter Madsen when she was 17.

Cammilla Kurstein said she fell in love with Madsen after they exchanged letters and spoke on the phone in the space of two years.

In 2017, Madsen was convicted of murdering journalist Kim Wall on board his homemade submarine after she went to interview him.

He later dismembered her body and dumped it into the sea.

He was handed a life sentence in 2018.

The bill was sent for consultation on Wednesday and will take effect on 1 January, next year.

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