Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Denver partially reopening Civic Center Park

Denver’s Civic Center Park will partially, gradually reopen after being shut down for seven weeks due to what officials called health and safety concerns related to a large presence of people experiencing homelessness.

In a news release, the city announced that public use will resume on Wednesday, but that Pioneer Fountain, MacIntosh Park Plaza and large swaths of the southern and eastern portions of the park “will remain closed for ongoing restoration” by the city parks department.

Denver plans a “phased reopening” but has not offered a timeline.

Since the park has been closed, the city says, workers removed litter, rodent communities, human and pet excrement, and needles and other drug paraphernalia.

“(A)ll public health hazards have been abated and the park is now safe for all park guests,” the city’s news release stated.

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