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Desperate mum forced to sell daughter, 3, to pay debts fears her baby is next

A desperate Afghan mum was forced to sell her three-year-old daughter so her family wouldn't starve and fears she may have to sell her baby next.

Sabehreh claims she was forced to trade her toddler in to cover food bills but is concerned that she may have to give up her three-month-old to make the repayments after she ran up debt at a shop to feed her kids.

The business owner warned she would be jailed if she could not repay him so in an attempt to cover the bill, the family, she reluctantly agreed to sell their three-year-old daughter, Zakereh, to be married to the grocer's four-year-old son, Zabiuallah.

When the three-year-old is older, the shopkeeper at the Zaimat IDP camp in the Badghis province will take charge of her care, according to AFP.

The 25-year-old mum said: "I'm not happy to have done that, but we had nothing to eat or drink. If this continues, we'll have to give up our three-month-old."

Sabehreh's neighbour, Gul Bibi, says many families have resorted to child marriage as millions of poverty-stricken families in Afghanistan are struggling to cope following the brutal Taliban takeover.

Her own young daughter Asho is betrothed to a 23-year-old man as Gul owned his family money.

Another homeless mum in Ghazni city was reportedly forced to sell her 13-year-old daughter for £1,200 so she has enough money to feed her other three kids, according to a respected Afghan newspaper.

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Mohammad Zaman Zaki, described as a local influencer, told Ettela'at-e-Rooz the woman made the heart-breaking decision to exchange her eldest child for cash due to "poverty" and "hunger" as she needed to find food for her three daughters.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that a baby girl was sold for less than £400 as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan gets worse and millions face starvation.

The anonymised mum said she was forced to sell the angelic girl because the rest of her kids were so desperate for food.

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She told the BBC : "My other children were dying of hunger so we had to sell my daughter.

"How can I not be sad? She is my daughter.

"I wish I didn't have to sell my daughter."

Her bin man husband no longer earns a salary as public sector workers have been left with nothing since the Taliban took over.

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