Saturday, 17 Apr 2021

Did you abandon your car during Colorado’s blizzard? Here’s how to find it if it’s been moved.

Hundreds of drivers abandoned their stuck vehicles on roadways on Sunday as a brutal winter storm dumped heavy snow along the Interstate 25 corridor and winds reduced visibility to unsafe levels.

If you’re one of those people, your vehicle may have been towed from the place you left it to create safer roadways.

Here’s how to find your car, according to the Colorado State Patrol:

  • Drive to the area where you left your vehicle
  • If it’s not there, continue to drive and take the next exit
  • Look for your car in the largest parking lot in the immediate vicinity

The parking lot could belong to a public transit stop, a large retailer or a recreation center, according to a Colorado State Patrol news release.

Troopers with the state patrol warned people not to travel to find their cars until roads are safer. The agency said in a news release they expect roads to be better by mid-afternoon Monday. They warned that slushy roads likely will become icy as the sun sets and temperatures drop.

The state patrol will release a list of tow companies that removed vehicles from roadways once the list is compiled. Those who cannot find their car using the above method will then be able to contact individual tow companies.


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