Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Dog camera captures astonishing moment pet learns to use door while home alone

Dogs have long been thought of as one of the most intelligent animals around.

And now, as technology imposes on all facets of life, we're able to capture moments that prove just how smart they can be.

In amazing pet camera footage, the dog, who is seemingly home alone, scratches at the door then then uses the handle to open it.

The one thing it didn't bank on, however, was the bolt lock at the top of the door.

Maybe with a bit more practice, and some high-jumping skills, the dog would have been successful – that is, unless someone locks the door with a key next time.

Dogs have often been the subject of studies to do with cognition, perception, awareness, memory and learning and are thought to learn in a similar fashion to that of young children.

The first intelligence tests for dogs was created in 1976, and included measurements of short-term memory, agility, problem solving and assessing their ability to adapt to new conditions and come with emotionally difficult situations.

More than 100 dogs were used in this study, and the results were published in a 1994 book called The Intelligence of Dogs by American professor Stanley Coren (not related to food critic Giles Coren).

A dogs ability to learn quickly, and listen to instructions, is why they are used as guide, sniffer and police animals.

Although, according to the book The Genius of Dogs by Vanessa Woods, most modern domesticated dogs now rely on humans to do simple tasks for them, whereas their "wild" predecessors would have done everything for themselves.

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