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Dog hailed a hero after ‘miraculously’ rescuing family from deadly tornado

A dog has been hailed a hero after rescuing his family from a deadly tornado while they slept.

The pooch, named Doc, continued barking as the killer storm approached, despite his owner, Pastor Darrin Crocket, praying for him to stop.

Now for the first time he is glad his prayers were not answered after the family survived the powerful tornado in Tennessee, US.

But sadly their beloved pet didn’t survive the devastating cyclone, which claimed the lives of dozens of people.

President Donald Trump has visited tornado-hit Cookeville after the storm ravaged the town on Monday night.

Darrin posted a picture of Doc along with the caption “Missing this guy” on Facebook after the tragedy.

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And he believes God “orchestrated” their survival.

He told how Doc’s barking kept him awake to hear a phone alert for a storm warning.

This led the pastor, wife Jenny and daughters Carly, Camryn and Carrigan to take refuge in their laundry room.

Darrin told the Baptist and Reflector: “We heard it coming and suddenly the house began to shake.

“Next thing I remember is I felt grass underneath me.

“The tornado must have picked up the entire house dropped it in the yard with us buried underneath it.”

The family managed to escape with just cuts and scratches by crawling through an opening in the collapsed property.

And Darrin described their survival as “miraculous”.

“It is amazing,” he added.

“If our dog had not alerted us, who knows where we would have ended up?”

“He will go down as a hero,” the pastor said.

“We will celebrate him and talk about him for a long time.”

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