Monday, 17 May 2021

Family of girl who drowned in river slam onlookers who filmed tragedy on phones

The family of a 12-year-old girl who drowned in a river in Scotland have hit out at ghoulish onlookers who filmed the tragedy on their phones instead of helping.

Ava Gray, a talented dancer, died in the River Leven at Balloch in Dunbartonshire after struggling in the water with two of her friends.

As they prepared to pay their final respects at Ava's funeral today, her loved ones hit out at some witnesses whose first reaction was to pull out a mobile phone.

Just one man tried to help the child when she got into difficulties on Sunday, August 9.

Ava's aunt Jamie Gillies has slammed the behaviour of those who didn't help.

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Speaking on behalf of Ava's mum Leanne Rae, she told the Daily Record: "Only one man tried to help three kids in distress. We are forever in his debt.

"Absolutely disgusted to hear more people were interested in videoing or Snapchatting the 'drama' and rescue to their friends.

"If any of those people put as much effort into helping the kids we may not be here.

"I genuinely worry for our future if this is people's priority.

"Think before you act. Always think of others. Be careful what you say on social media and remember that grieving and distressed families can see your posts."

Ava's family said she was mature, responsible and a strong swimmer.

As the three children struggled in the water, emergency services rushed to the scene at Balloch Bridge at 6.45pm.

Her friends managed to get to safety, but tragically, Ava's body was recovered three hours later.

The family said they have been left devastated by some of the comments made online.

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Jamie told the Lennox Herald: "What happened was nothing but a tragic accident.

"Some of the comments we've seen making assumptions about what happened have been very hurtful not just for our family but the families of her two friends who were with her.

"Three kids were paddling in what looked like a very clear and calm part of the river.

"They could swim and were strong and fit. They are not irresponsible children and would never have knowingly put themselves in danger.

"However a step too far, unfortunately, cost us dearly."

Today, Ava's loved ones will father at Clydebank Crematorium to lay the "bright, bubbly, talented, fun-loving girl" to rest.

On Saturday, her friends gathered at Bonhill's Dalmonach Park to release yellow and pink balloons in her memory.

"She was full of kindness, sass and attitude," Jamie went on.

"As a family, she meant the absolute world to us and she has left a void that can never be filled."

Samantha Henderson, who organised the balloon release, said: "She was an amazing young lady and I know that the whole of the area are going to miss her terribly."

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