Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Female Russian Army medics in Ukraine ‘forced to become sex slaves for soldiers’

Female Russian medics serving on the frontline are reportedly being forced in becoming sex slaves for military top brass.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published an interview with a so-called "field wife" said women were being "passed around" by Russian officers.

The whistleblower said those who became "field wives" were made to cook, clean, and have sex with officers.

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She also said those who refused to be sex slaves face extreme punishment and beatings.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed, said her stint on the frontline has left her with severe PTSD.

She told the publication that she became a medic on the frontline in to provide for her family, particularly her disabled child.

According to her testimony, a colonel in charge of her platoon singled her out to make her his "field wife" while she was at the Nizhny Novgorod training camp.

When she declined his sexual advances, the officer told his soldiers to make life more difficult for her, culminating in her being made to sleep outside for a month while others slept in tents and houses.

The officer did not let up in his advances and when she again rebuffed him she was made to go to the frontline as a form of punishment.

The platoon she was put in, she claims, was comprised of seven women, all of whom had received sexual advances from commanding officers.

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"When we went there no one knew what was going on there. And when we understood everything, there was no turning back," she told Radio Free Europe.

In one of the most ghastly scenes she witnessed, an officer shot his "field wife" before shooting himself in the hand to make it look as though he was protecting her from Ukrainian fire.

The woman survived but was left permanently disabled.

Among other acts of brutality, the woman said she also witnessed officers pistol whipping other women while some medics were effectively given the choice of being sex slaves or sent to the frontline.

But despite her harrowing experience, the woman said she would still probably have to return to the role at some point to provide for her family.


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