Sunday, 17 Oct 2021

First-ever killer caught by DNA evidence ‘to change name’ on release this year

Schoolgirl murderer Colin Pitchfork will evade the sex offenders register when he is released from prison and has plans to change his name.

The killer has spent 33 years behind bars in HMP Leyhill in Gloucestershire and he could be released as soon as Sunday.

Evil Pitchfork, 61, raped and killed Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, both 15, in 1983 and 1986.

He has dodged the sex offender list because of a legal loophole.

Pitchfork has been living with the name David Thorpe for several years but plans to conceal his true identity by getting another name change.

He is able to swap his identity once again by deed poll for just £33.

Dawn’s mother Barbara, 75, told the Mirror: "Words fail me. A ­psychopath like him shouldn’t be allowed to change his name.

"He’ll be able to walk in the pub as a new man.

"It’s absolutely shocking that he can do it legally. People need to know who he is and what he has done.

"He is a very dangerous man – he shouldn’t be on the streets at all. He shouldn’t be able to hide who he is."

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Pitchfork, the first killer in the world to be snared using DNA evidence, will be released without being monitored on the sex offender register.

Under a legal loophole, strict monitoring conditions cannot be imposed on anyone convicted of sex crimes before 1997.

Anyone on the register must notify the police of any change in their personal circumstances – including a name change.

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The Government, which fought a Parole Board decision to release him, says Pitchfork will still be subject to tough conditions.

Barbara, who lives in Liskeard, Cornwall, added: "It’s shocking that he is not on the register. I assumed he would have been.

"I’m convinced he will do all he can to be around children."

"He’s so arrogant – a psychopath who thinks he is above it all.

"The public must be protected from him and every safeguard must be put in place."

Pitchfork raped and strangled Lynda in Narborough, Leicestershire, and did the same to Dawn three years later in nearby Enderby.

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