Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Flaw in Russian Terminator tanks ‘exposed’ as Putin deploys vehicles in Ukraine

A major flaw in the terrifying Russian Terminator tanks has been "exposed" thanks to some keen-eyed Reddit users.

One Redditor posted a photo of the chilling Russian Terminator tanks, which Russian president Vladimir Putin recently deployed in Severodonetsk, Ukraine, and pointed out a potential flaw in their effectiveness.

A flurry of critical replies aimed at the tank were added to the post from a user named Gropley, whose initial post racked up over a thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Hundreds of members of the r/Ukraine subreddit piled on to air their thoughts on the clear flaw with the Russian Terminator tank.

Gropley wrote: "The much-talked-about Russian Terminator vehicle photographed earlier in Severodonetsk area exposes a minor flaw.

"S***ty Russian optics and an unmanned turret mean that the vehicle commander has to ride outside between the autocannons if he wants to have situational awareness."

The user also attached an image of the tank, which showed a Russian soldier placed between two turrets on the top.

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Fellow Reddit users were keen to pile in with humorous comments mocking the tactical oversight, with one suggesting that the armour of the vehicle looks "inadequate."

Another user called the tank "typically Russian" citing "too many weapons, too few crew to get the most from the weapons and no real battlefield role for it to 'own'."

A third claimed the Russian Terminator tank and the lack of seating for the commander on top show that Russia "hate their own soldiers" and added their vehicles "are designed to kill their own."

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