Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Footage reveals tragic reality of Donbas: ‘This is what hell in Ukraine looks like’

Ukraine: Sky News reveals destruction in Soledar

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The brutal reality of Russian attacks in the Donbas region has been revealed by new footage from the town of Soledar in Eastern Ukraine.

As Putin has shifted the focus of the Russian attack toward the Donbas region, the town has become the subject of fierce Russian bombing which has destroyed much of its infrastructure.

Special correspondent Alex Crawford visited the town and detailed the devastation caused to residential areas by advancing Russian forces.

Speaking for Sky News, she said: “Soledar has really been pummelled in the last 48 to 72 hours.”

Ms Crawfrod added: “All around has taken some fairly dramatic explosions and blasts.”

The video footage captured by the reporter’s team showed buildings ripped apart by the blasts of Russian weaponry.

Ms Crawford continued: “This is the centre of the town of Soledar, in the Donbas region.

“President Zelensky talks about how the Donbas is being turned into a hell – this is what hell in Ukraine looks like.”

Towns in the Donbas region have suffered vicious Russian attacks as Vladimir Putin has turned his attention to Eastern Ukraine.

Following an unsuccessful siege on Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, Russia has shifted the focus of the invasion to the Luhansk and Donetsk areas.

The Sky News correspondent claimed invading Russian forces had targeted residential areas as part of their assault on the Donbas region.

“These are not just administrative buildings, but also, it’s right in the centre of a residential area.”

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Ms Crawford continued: “This is a sort of park, there are children’s playgrounds nearby, and there are residents moving around trying to salvage what they can.

Civilians in Ukraine have been forced to suffer the vicious consequences of the destruction caused by Russian invaders.

In her analysis of the town, Ms Crawford also detailed the emotional toll taken on Ukrainian residents by the Russian shelling.

She said: “The fear that they’re being put through, bombs and explosions and shelling can come at any time and, pretty much, anywhere because this is in the eye of the Russian crosshairs.”

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He continued: “This is the area that they want to take and the area that they’re desperately trying to capture to try and grab another bit of Donbas.

“The residents here, the civilians here are being put through absolute hell.”

Since the outbreak of the war in February the UN estimates there have been 7,964 casualties of Ukrainian civilians, including 3,778 deaths,

In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions specifically, the UN recorded 4,326 civilian casualties, including 2,070 fatalities.

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