Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Freed child-killer may be moved from bail hostel over vigilante murder fears

Sick child killer Colin Pitchfork could be moved from his bail hostel for his own safety after vigilantes named the location online, the Daily Star Sunday can reveal.

The double murderer and rapist, 61, is set to be transferred in the coming days amid fears he will be attacked.

His location had been kept tightly under wraps.

But this week it has been widely distributed after he was spotted in the area.

In response to posts naming his location, one revenge-seeker said: “He should be dead.”

Another added: “Should have been strung up, evil bastard.”

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The authorities are aware of the comments and the situation is now being closely monitored.”

Pitchfork – who has changed his name – was released from jail earlier this month after 33 years behind bars.

He raped and killed Lynda Mann, 15, in Narborough, Leics, in 1983 and Dawn Ashworth, also 15, in nearby Enderby in 1986. Currently, he is being housed with other offenders at the residential unit in the south of England.

But he could be moved if police and probation chiefs feel his safety is at risk.

Pitchfork is subject to 43 tough licence conditions – 36 more than the average freed convict – to protect the public.

He lives under a night-time curfew at the premises and is tested for drugs and alcohol.

Pitchfork’s conditions include electronic tagging and lie-detector tests, and he must provide details of any vehicle he owns.

He is banned from visiting the area where his crimes were committed, and he must tell probation officers if he forms any close relationships with other people.

Pitchfork was the first murderer to be convicted using DNA and was jailed for life in 1988.

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