Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Funeral home who ‘buried wrong woman’ sued by 11 siblings for £60 million

A funeral home is being sued for a staggering £60 million after staff allegedly buried the wrong woman.

Rather than putting 87-year-old Sadie Williams, who died from Covid, in the plot next to her late husband, it emerged that another woman was put there by mistake.

And now her children Salimah Lee, Ishmael Williams and their nine siblings are suing Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home in Amityville, New York, over the horrific mix-up, the Daily Mail reports.

And to make it worse, the 11 children were actually told that the woman in the plot was their mother, when they had a pre-planning meeting 72 hours before the funeral – which is part of the Islamic burial ritual.

However, it emerged just 24 hours later that the body buried next to Franklin Williams, who did in 2018, was not his wife Sadie.

In an interview with ABC, Salimah Lee said she knew the body was not her mother's from the start, but was ignored when she questioned it.

She said: “I stood at the top of the steps with Joe Slinger (funeral director) and said that's not my mother, he said 'of course it is'.

“I go to the coffin, first thing I noticed, that's not my mother and she was wearing a child's watch.”

The day after the funeral the funeral home rang her to admit the mistake.

Lee then claims that the home wanted her to sign the paperwork to exhume the body as if she were a single child, as this would speed the process up, but she refused.

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This meant that all 11 of the siblings had to sign an affidavits before a second funeral, with the correct body, could be held on September 8.

Her lawyer Phil Rizzuto said: “It is unconscionable, how such egregious actions can take place.

“The most disturbing thing about this case is that the family pointed out the error and Mr. Slinger-Hasgill refused to even consider the possibility of making a mistake.”

The 11 siblings are demanding £20 million in compensation, alongside £40 million in damages.

The funeral home has yet to comment on the situation.

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