Thursday, 8 Dec 2022

Fury as strip club’s annual golf tournament’s double-booked with school practice

A school’s golf team practice day was hastily cancelled when organisers realised that it was double-booked with a strip club’s golf tournament.

Keith Allen, the head golf coach for Vista Ridge High School in Austin Texas, said the unfortunate mixup at Avery Ranch golf club was "very inappropriate.”

He told Fox News that several of the participants in the event organised by the Yellow Rose Gentleman’s Club were "acting very inappropriately" and that the high school golfers "did witness some lewd behaviour."

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As soon as the situation became clear, the high school’s practice day was cancelled and the pupils’ parents were called to collect them.

Mr Allen says Vista Ridge has had a 20-year relationship with Avery Ranch, complaining that what took place "is not acceptable" and that he’s in discussions with Avery Ranch to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again.

He added that Avery Ranch will not host any events for the Yellow Rose club in future.

A statement on the Yellow Rose club’s official Facebook page read: "The Yellow Rose has played their annual charity golf tournament at Avery Ranch for the last four years. Avery Ranch is a private golf course and The Yellow Rose rents the entire course for the whole day. This tournament was no different than any previous tournament"

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"This is a tournament for adults," the statement continues, " and no children were allowed on the course at any time while it was being played. The high school golfers were only on the driving range not the actual course.

"This is an area our marshals did not and were not supposed to supervise. We were completely unaware that the golf course scheduled a high school practice at the same time as the Yellow Rose Tournament.

"Any attempt by the golf course to feign surprise an to the adult nature of the tournament is disingenuous," the cub's statement says. "This was their mistake".

According to the club's spokesperson, they not received any reports of "lewd behaviour" from either the course, the course marshals, or anyone attending the golf tournament.

"The two young ladies in the blacked out picture produced by Fox News were wearing string bikini bottoms," says the club, "no different than you would see at Lake Travis on a summer weekend.

"If somebody saw something they deemed offensive The Yellow Rose sincerely apologises. This was supposed to be a private event".


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