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Girl, 5, left screaming on beach after fish hook ‘starts to rip finger apart’

A mum was horrified after hearing her daughter cry out in agony at the beach and rush out of the water with a fish hook in her hand.

Joanne West, 37, was relaxing with her two daughters at Southbourne beach in Bournemouth on July 11.

Daughter Danielle, five, picked some seaweed up before letting out an “almighty scream”.

Joanne rushed over and saw a fish hook “going right through her finger and out the other side of her nail”.

She said: “If I hadn't got to her as quickly as I did, I don't know what damage that could have done.

“It was already starting to rip her finger apart with the weight of her pulling on the line it was attached to.”

The mum-of-four bundled her traumatised kids into the car and sped to A&E at Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Joanne said: "Danielle already suffers with anxiety, particularly around hospitals, so she was shaking, crying, screaming and getting tummy pain from stress.

"She was fighting, hiding, telling the doctors to go away – that's how scared she was.

"She only had her swimsuit on so she was cold, stressed, full of anxiety and shivering from the trauma of it all. She was just so scared."

Joanne and Danielle were then sent to Poole Hospital, where they would be able to sedate Danielle in order to get the fish hook out.

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Two orthopaedics decided not to use sedation on Danielle as they expected it would upset her further, and they finally removed the fish hook.

Joanne said: "Danielle was really anxious by this point and hid herself in the corner of the room where we had to coax her out from.

"I had to hold her down on my lap with my hand over her eyes, someone else held her arm and they slid this giant hook around her finger and back out the other side.

"You could see the hook moving underneath her skin, it was huge!"

Danielle was sent home with antibiotics and is now terrified of the beach.

Joanne said: "It's a nightmare to get her to go anywhere.

"She won't go to the beach at all. It was a place that she used to absolutely love going so it's really sad.

"Danielle has other health problems which means we go to Poole Hospital regularly, and we had to get her into play therapy to ease her anxiety about that in the first place.”

Joanne decided to share her experience after reading about another incident where a child had a fish hook stuck in their skin, just one week after Danielle went through it.

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