Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

Global music star and Auckland rich-lister heir in dispute over child

An international musician is entangled in disputes with a businessman – who is an heir to a rich-lister’s fortune – after having his child.

The music star – who is a DJ – says the Auckland businessman kept his relationship with another woman secret, even when both women were pregnant.

And she said she only learned the truth by accident during to a surprise visit to New Zealand.

Lawyers have now become involved as the musician and her supporters on one side, and the businessman and his family on the other, are yet to reach agreement.

“I cannot comment in detail because my children are involved and I wish to respect their privacy and safety,” the New Zealand businessman told the Herald.

“My family mean everything to me and I do the utmost to support them in every way that I can.”

He claimed “unwarranted rumours and speculation” had left him disappointed.

The businessman, although supplying a brief statement to the Herald after hiring a public relations practitioner, also engaged lawyers.

The musician and her supporters are adamant the businessman kept another relationship hidden from the DJ.

“They agreed to have a child together in 2018 and were talking about marriage and making plans for the future,” a friend of the DJ said.

“[She] thought she was part of this beautiful love story when they first got together.”

The friend claimed the Kiwi businessman won the DJ’s heart by presenting himself as an attentive man who’d fly across the world to see her at short notice.

“He was very supportive of her DJ career and all the travelling she has to do and he seemed like a real family man who was keen to spend time with her relatives…and desperate to have a baby,” the friend said.

“The only thing that gave her pause for thought until then was the fact that he was not on social media.”

The Herald understands the musician has also received letters threatening legal action if she continues airing claims about the businessman and his wealthy family.

It’s understood the musician is independently wealthy, but feels she must stand up for the rights of her child.

For multiple legal reasons including some related to privacy, the Herald is not immediately able to name the parties involved.

The DJ has spoken of experiencing an emotional rollercoaster since allegedly learning of the Auckland man’s other life.

She spoke of feeling helpless, and as if she’d been living a lie.

A relative said the musician felt her dreams were shattered when she learned of her partner’s other relationship.

The musician has since won support from many others in the entertainment industry.

The two sides have in recent weeks been communicating through lawyers about support for the child.

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