Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

‘Graveyard’ of Russian vehicles found after Vladimir Putin suffers humiliation

Stunned witnesses have described a 'graveyard' of destroyed tanks as evidence that Vladimir Putin is struggling with another wave of massive military losses in Ukraine.

It comes as military chiefs in Ukraine say their army killed 'hundreds' of Russian troops as they attempted to advance across the strategically vital Seversky Donets River in the east of the nation.

Shocking images show a massive collection of mangled military vehicles following an ambush by Ukrainians, with a total of 70 claimed to have been taken out of action.

Russian forces had reportedly attempted to use smoke as a cover as they hurriedly built pontoon bridges across the river.

One Ukrainian soldier named Yuri told Sky News: “It seems like they were some sort of suicide club, or their commanders didn't care for them – it’s strange.

“They just sent them to die and they followed stupid, stupid orders from their commanders.”

A statement released by Ukraine's Centre for Strategic Communications (StratCom) said: "Russian troops tried to break through the Seversky Donets River near the village of Dronivka and set up three bridgeheads.

"However, the heroism and resilience of infantry, artillery, and tank units of the 30th Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Konstanty Ostrogski and other units of the Armed Forces allowed us to stop the Russian troops and inflict heavy losses on them.

"The result of the defeat: dozens of units of destroyed Russian armoured vehicles."

Ukraine has ruled out a ceasefire or any territorial concessions to Moscow as Russia stepped up its attacks in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Andriy Yermak, Ukraine's presidential chief of staff tweeted on Sunday that the war "must end with the complete restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty".

Kyiv's stance has become increasingly uncompromising in recent weeks as officials grew worried they might be pressured by the international community to sacrifice land for a peace deal.

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