Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Grieving man horrified after reading contents of letter addressed to late wife

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A grieving man was left horrified after he opened a letter address to his departed wife as the letter contained a Council Tax court summons for his partner who died two months ago.

Ron Roberts described the letter he received as 'the “final insult” to his partner, Judy Mason after the couple had a “catalogue of problems” with Sefton Council dating back several years.

Ron said that he previously had an issue with the council which involved waiting for two years for bathroom renovations on their home.

In 2019, Ron and Judy, who had several chronic health issues and was registered blind claimed that they had been told to “use the gym” to wash.

After their story was highlighted in the Liverpool ECHO in 2019, within days a new bathroom had been fitted, according to Ron.

However, the couple were also in dispute with the council over Judy’s care package, which Ron claimed did not help her with the social aspects of her life and only focused on personal care, leaving his partner “missing out on her independence, on taking part in her community.”

As a result of the disputes Judy had with Sefton Council, Ron said she had refused to pay her Council Tax since 2019.

He said she was “waiting for her day in court” to explain how she felt about the way she was treated by the council and expecting a summons.

However, in June this year Judy went in for surgery to remove a toe, and after a number of delays to her surgery due to the pandemic, she then contracted covid while in hospital.

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Ron said: “She was very poorly and she survived it, I used to sit outside the covid ward in the Royal speaking to her over the phone. It was a very scary time.”

Judy was then transferred to Aintree Hospital for rehabilitation, where in September she suffered a series of bleeds on the brain, tragically dying as Ron held her hand on September 29.

Ron said that since then his “world has fallen apart” and he has struggled to deal with the grief of losing his beloved partner of 21 years.

When he opened a letter last week addressed to his partner to find a court summons for Judy’s unpaid council tax it “just added to the devastation.”

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He said: “It was the final insult to Judy, after everything they put her through.

“We were ignored for years by Sefton Council, so she made a stand about how she had been treated and refused to pay Council Tax.

Ron claims Sefton Council had been informed of her death before the letter had been sent out and receiving it has made him “feel like giving up.”

He said: “It just feels like the odds were stacked against us and now she’s gone.

“We were treated like dirt, Judy was treated like that in life and now she is in her death too.

“They were definitely aware she is dead. I’ve made an appointment to speak to someone at the council before the court date.

“It’s so sad, Judy would have gone and given them what for what they’ve done, they’ve never shown us any decency and they still aren’t now.

“She was beautiful inside and out, I feel lost without her, we were a team, Ron and Judy, and now it’s just Ron.

“I have to keep fighting for Judy, she deserved better.”

Sefton Council were approached for comment but said they “do not comment on individual cases.”

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