Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

Gutted England fans call for a Bank Holiday anyway ‘to mourn Euro 2020 loss’

Cheeky England fans are still calling for a Bank Holiday after losing the Euro 2020 final to Italy last night.

If the Three Lions had secured a victory instead of the heart-breaking drama of a penalty loss, there would have likely been a celebratory day off.

But instead of a break to commemorate the occasion, fans want a day off to mourn the defeat.

It comes after hundreds of thousands of Brits signed a petition calling for an emergency Bank Holiday if Southgate’s lads lifted the trophy.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he “didn’t want to tempt fate” when asked if he would commit to the plan – but government officials had marked August 27 as the day off, reports The Telegraph.

Now, devastated fans are taking to Twitter to protest for the Bank Holiday to go ahead.

One wrote: “Can we have the bank holiday to mourn please. I’m too emotionally fragile to go to work tomorrow.”

Whilst another added: “Personally, I think we should have had the Bank Holiday If England lost…

“It would be like an extra pick-me-up. Like how Christmas is in the dark times.”

A different fan joked: “Please no spoilers for last night’s game, I’m planning on watching it back next Monday when we get that special Bank Holiday.”

Eight million England fans booked the day off work on Monday whilst some schools said kids can come in later to make sure they’re rested.

After the huge match, Prince William told the team they should be “so proud” of their efforts and Boris Johnson said they “deserve great credit”.

It comes following horrible racial abuse directed at England players online.

Stars Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho all missed from the spot and were subjected to sickening abuse which the FA slammed as “disgusting behaviour”.

William told players to “hold your heads high”, The Mirror reports.

If officials do decide to grant a Bank Holiday, it will likely be in August.

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