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Harry ‘portrayed as clown’ in ‘good cop bad cop’ routine with Meghan – expert

Prince Harry was left looking like a “clown” and a “court jester” in Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday video in the latest sign of their "good cop, bad cop" relationship, royal experts have suggested.

which launched a serious initiative to help women back into the workplace, said royal experts.

In the video released last week, the Duchess of Sussex was sitting at a desk discussing her birthday initiative for successful businesswomen to give 40 minutes of their time to women looking for jobs.

But in the background, Harry was seen juggling and the Daily Mail's diarist Richard Eden suggested that that it is an ongoing theme now where Meghan looks positive and well-intentioned while Harry larks about

Speaking on Palace Confidential, he said: “I think it is interesting it is always Harry, because I’ve mentioned on this programme before how we seem to have this developing narrative of this good cop, bad cop.

“We have Meghan making the Netflix programme, the feminist programme that’s going to help women, now she is helping women again with this initiative. Oh Harry he’s the one who, you know, bitches about his family in a book and then being a clown, literally, juggling outside a window.”

Columnist Sarah Vine said Harry was “trying to project this image of jovial normality”, pointing to a similar comical episode with James Corden.

“Literally being the court jester outside the window,” she added.

It was a view also shared by Rebecca English who said that Harry looked like a “lame duck”.

She said: “You can see Harry trying to put Meghan off by juggling at the window.

“It’s actually quite sweet and quite funny but it just makes him look a little bit like a lame duck, mucking around while his wife’s going about this serious business.”

The experts were also left unconvinced by Meghan’s latest project and felt it was another attempted to appear caring and charitable while they have failed to to do that in their actions.

Sarah said: “This whole sort of narrative, that the Sussexes are trying to build of us all being very kind caring and loving people. The way they have behaved over the last six to 12 months towards their own family has been the opposite of loving and caring, do you know what I mean.

“They have shown that they are quite ruthless, sort of manipulators of their image and I think that is really why I don’t buy it.”

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