Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Harry seeks Meghan’s ‘permission’ but William doesn’t with Kate, says expert

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Prince Harry has a 'subtle' way of seeking permission from wife Meghan Markle, an expert has claimed.

A psychology coach has highlighted the “huge difference” between the body language shown by the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex towards their respective husbands.

Body language expertBruce Durhamhas pinpointed the different ways in which the royal pair connect with Prince William and Prince Harry, reports the Daily Express.

“When we look at the ‘connecting’ non-verbal communication and subliminal gestures that exist between both couples, there is a huge difference between the supportive connection that lies between Kate and William and the submissive connection that exists between Harry and Meghan,” Bruce said.

He said there was “a high degree of similar behaviours – mirroring, if you will” – between William and Kate.

The Cambridges encouraged each other to “take centre stage with gentle touches” and gave downward looks towards each other of vulnerability (“think how Diana used to look down”), and they were both comfortable taking the lead from each other in a conversation.

“This is most definitely a shared relationship,” Bruce said.

“This is in stark contrast to the submissive behaviours that Harry shows towards Meghan.

“Where William will take a quick look towards Kate, Harry takes longer, almost pausing as if waiting for some type of gesture from Meghan that would resemble a green light, as in he feels he has now permission to do something.”

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Bruce added that the light touches between Kate and William were replaced between Meghan and Harry by a type of touch called an “elongated pat”, which happens when Meghan puts her hand on Harry and keeps it there.

The expert said the gesture showed Meghan was "in control".

“This is a controlling gesture, make no mistake,” he said.

“This is often when Meghan is about to say something or has said something and she is encouraging Harry to go along with the view by the firm touch of the palm of her hand.

"Even within the Oprah interview, Meghan used the touch frequently to remind Harry who was in charge.

"She also accompanied this by an exaggerated nod as if to say to Harry, ‘Yes, Harry, this is what you will agree with, isn’t it Harry?’”

The psychologist described Kate and William as having an “adult-adult relationship”, while Meghan and Harry have a “parent-child” relationship.

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