Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Hawke’s Bay serial groper Jason Trembath granted parole, to be released in May

A former provincial cricket representative jailed for serially groping women around the streets of Hawke’s Bay and Rotorua has been granted parole.

Jason Trembath was sentenced to five years and four months in prison in late 2019 after admitting 11 charges of indecent assault relating to the random indecent groping of females as they ran or walked on the streets, steps and pathways of mainly Napier and Havelock North.

A sentence end date was set for December 31, 2023, however, at a Parole Board hearing this month, his application was accepted.

He is due to be released in early May.

Trembath had previously appeared before the Parole Board in December last year but had his application declined.

A Parole Board decision stated he had since completed 16 sessions of psychological treatment, including a whānau hui to discuss his safety relapse plan.

This was also attended by his parents and his psychologist.

The Parole Board decision stated Trembath appeared to have much better understanding of how his “various personality traits” led him to a series of “frightening offences”.

He displayed a “realistic attitude” about how to avoid the addictive behaviour that was manifest in his offending, which included sexual issues, gambling, drug and other issues.

“Trembath seemed able to reflect back to the Board today a strong appreciation of how his various personality factors have impacted on his activities in the past and has a good insight into how to avoid problems arising from that in the future.”

Trembath’s relationship ended as a result of his offending, but he had settled matters with his former partner, the decision states.

The board was satisfied the risk would “not be undue” if he was released on parole with appropriate and comprehensive release conditions.

Trembath would be placed on a three-month curfew and had been ordered not to contact any of his victims.

“In our view, a short period of non-monitored curfew, 10pm to 6am, will be sufficient to ease him back into the transition to civilian life.”

Additional release conditions include residing at an appropriate place, attending any psychological or alcohol and drug assessment as directed by a probation officer, not to engage in any betting or gambling and not to possess or access any electronic device capable of accessing the internet without written authority from probation.

The conditions will run until his sentence end date in December 2023.

Another hearing to monitor his progress will also be heard in October.

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