Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Holocaust survivor who spent 3 years ‘hiding in a well’ condemns moaning about quarantine

Connie Ansaldi, a journalist in Argentina, has shared a video of her elderly grandmother describing her experience of hiding during the Holocaust. The woman says she spent three years hiding in a well, with little food or access to water. Sharing the message on social media, the journalist hit out at those unwilling to self-isolate.

The video shows Ms Ansaldi visiting her grandmother during a lockdown implemented to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The pair discuss the current measures, with Ms Ansaldi asking: “Tell people to stay at home! How many years did you hide in a well?”

Her grandmother replies: “Three years! Without bathing or anything.”

When the elderly woman is asked if she thinks people are going to cope with staying at home, she says to her granddaughter: “There is no comparison.”

As well as sharing the video clip, the journalist wrote: “My grandmother (a Holocaust survivor) told me ‘I spent three years hiding in an underground well so they did not kill me and two years in the ghetto.

“Without bathing and almost no food. Can’t people spend two weeks at home?’

“We talk a lot about what’s going on. She is not afraid for herself but for us. Let’s take care of our grandparents.

“Mine, everyone’s. Those who are vulnerable and those who are healthy who may be affected.

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“Everything has a solution except death. This is a war and the enemy is invisible.”

Hundreds of people responded to the message, thanking her for sharing the words of her grandmother.

One person responded: “A genius your grandmother… as well as a survivor.”

Another person wrote: “Grandparents always have the right word!”

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A third person wrote: “This happens, because our people never suffered a war or earthquake, or hunger, so there is no culture of work, no effort!”

Another person agreed with the Holocaust survivor and wrote: “I agree with your grandmother, it is not death, isolation, it is only a matter of mentalising.”

One user said: “Your grandmother must think that we are fools in this country… she is right.”

On Friday Argentina imposed a nationwide lockdown as part of efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

The country will remain under lockdown until at least March 31, President Alberto Fernandez said in a statement.

He said: “I have just decreed social, preventive and compulsory isolation for the entire population.

“An exceptional decision at an exceptional moment…After listening to the experts, the political forces, and the governors, I decided to: Restrict circulation. “Everyone will stay in their own house. No one has to panic.”

Security forces will patrol streets to ensure no one leaves home unnecessarily.

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