Monday, 15 Aug 2022

Horrifying moment woman ‘tries to run man over three times’ in street fight

This is the dramatic moment a woman appeared to try to run a man over three times.

The pair, who were reportedly together, were shown in the footage arguing on the streets of Baltimore in the US, with a clip taken by a nearby camera on a building showing the full incident.

The man can first be seen unloading boxes from the boot of a car and then proceeding to throw them down in the middle of the road.

But things take a dramatic turn as the car can be seen to suddenly accelerate backwards towards him, with the man barely having enough time to jump out of its path.

The ordeal was just beginning though, as the man sprints over to the side of the road.

The car then speeds straight towards the man, narrowly missing him and colliding with a brick wall.

It is at that point that a woman emerges from the driver's side of the car and confronts him.

He is seen almost bouncing on the spot, appearing to goad and taunt the woman as she gets back into the car.

She then backs up the car. The footage then skips forward, with the next frame showing the man beating his fists on the front the car as it reverses.

As the man turns around, the woman again drives directly at him, with the man just managing to dodge out the way and the car crashes once again into the house.

Debris can be seen on the bonnet of the car from the force of the impact.

The woman then gets out of the car and chases the man down the street catching him by the hood of his jumper before the pair fall down in a heap.

Witnesses are seen attempting to separate them before the couple then leave.

A witness said on social media that neither of the couple were seriously harmed, although the woman was taken to hospital.

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