Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Innocent man, 26, ‘cooked alive’ after police taser him at petrol pump

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Bungling cops tasered an innocent man who was filling up his motorbike at fuel petrol pump, causing an explosion that resulted in the victim suffering from "burns on approximately 75 per cent of his body".

Jean Barreto, 26, sustained third-degree burns after the February incident when a Florida deputy sheriff tasered him when he was wrongly suspected of being a wanted member of a biker gang who had been hassling drivers.

NeJame Law offices in Orange County, Florida, say their client was "cooked alive" after officers had tackled him from his bike while he was filling up.

“While being cooked alive, Mr Barreto sustained third-degree burns on approximately 75 per cent of his body, front and back from his feet to the bottom of his neck,” a press release said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The stricken man has had six gruelling surgeries to graft the new skin onto his body since the incident in February at a Wawa gas station.

“He is wrapped and unwrapped in gauze daily, bleeding profusely still as he doesn’t have the requisite amount of skin to contain his body fluids.”

The use of the stun gun was “reckless, foolish, unnecessary and deadly” the lawyers argued in their statement, adding that the “military tactics” used on Mr Barreto did not match the risk he posed.

“The most probable cause of the fire was an electric discharge from the deputies deploying a department-issued taser device,” the report said.

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Surveillance video footage from the gas station appears to show one of the Osceola County sheriff’s deputies tackle Barreto after about a minute of him standing at the pump.

He was pinned on the ground before a standing officer then deployed his taser, the footage shows.

The Sentinel reported that moments later, a large explosion happened at Wawa gas station.

Mr Barreto's lawyers said they have yet to receive body-worn camera footage from the Osceola County Sheriff Office, nor have they been granted access to the incident reports.

The lawyers have also requested the US Department of Justice to open an investigation into the practices and protocols deployed by the sheriff deputies employed by the OCSO, the press release said.

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