Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Inside beautiful Chateau Cinderella left eerily abandoned for 40 years

Urban explorers have revealed breath-taking images of a French Revolution-style mansion that has been left abandoned for almost 40 years.

The Chateau Cinderella, also known as the Castle of Cense au Bois, was built during the French revolution in the 1860s and was home to generations of a wealthy family before they left in 1984.

The building was then converted into a hotel and run by a man named Raymond Beck.

With the upkeeping costs sky-rocketing and Beck having other business ventures to attend to and the property was abandoned for the second time in 2005.

It is surrounded by 15 hectares of land which are still maintained to this day for the views from surrounding restaurants and shops.

The building itself has been left to crumble, while some of its original antique beauty remains in place.

An urban explorer, known on Facebook as 'pictoresk', has shared captivating pictures of the building that look like the perfect setting of a fairy tale.

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The Chateau Cinderella was given its nickname when it became known for its Princess room which still has its original revolutionary style windows and walls painted in light blue.

If restored it would be dreamy but instead, the walls have started to grow spores of black mould and collapsed wooden chairs lay about the room.

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A restaurant and bar still remain intact with perfectly preserved menus from the building's time as a hotel.

There are around 10 guest bedrooms, each expensively designed for the comfort of visitors. Some rooms even still contain cribs for guests staying with children.

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Each room has been painted with a different delicate colour, or the walls have been covered in floral wallpaper that still remains today.

But in some parts of the building, the walls have started to collapse and a fireplace can be seen surrounded by rubble.

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The explorer who provided these images to the Daily Star asked that we do not share the location of the building to help prevent further damage to it.

Since its final abandonment, squatters have lived in the building periodically. Talks of remodelling the home have been ongoing for years with the most recent proposal being for a Wellness Centre in 2014.

But none have stuck and for now, the building remains a princess castle stuck in time.

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