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Inside eerie abandoned Camelot theme park slowly being reclaimed by nature

Eerie pictures of an abandoned British theme park captured by urban explorers reveal a stark contrast to the bustling visitor attraction it used to be.

Once in its prime, the Camelot theme park was a popular attraction, as it featured the only full time jousting arena in the UK.

Here, actors would perform live jousts dressed as knights, including one dressed as the legendary King Arthur.

However, the site in Chorley is now in ruins. Aerial photographs reveal that the park is now reduced to a concrete hole apart from two structures.

Even the Avalon arena, where the jousting was held, appears to still be intact but is now hollow inside, while the iconic white castle entrance can no longer be seen.

This is also the place many would sit and watch plenty of other shows such as Merlin's Magic Show, Merlin's School of Wizardry and the Birds of Prey show, Lancashire Live reports.

The photographs also reveal where the Galleon pirate ship was which was the favourite ride of many. The building which it used to sit behind can still seen.

The medieval-themed park opened in 1983 ran seasonally until it closed in 2012. It was based on story the of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The attraction has some of the most legendary rides in the UK such as Knightmare rollercoaster, Dragon Flyer, Caterpillar Capers and Pendragon's Plunge.

The Knightmare Rollercoaster stood tall long after the others when the site fell into disrepair and then was finally demolished in February 2020.

After visitors numbers gradually declined over the park's 29 years, its owners blamed big public events such as the Olympics.

Several planning applications have been submitted by Story Home to build houses on the site which have been rejected by Chorley Council.

Housing in the location has been criticised by the local community and over £700m of unlocked property potential remains at the 140 acres site.

Research concludes that the area could fit 6,294 properties pitched at an average price of £126,000.

Since its closure the former theme parks has attracted many urban explorers, vandals and thieves after scrap metal. The future of the site still remains uncertain.

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