Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Inside Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s affair that tore the White House apart

One of the most famous love affairs of all time is the subject of a new TV show as producers look at the relationship of President Bill Clinton and his young intern Monica Lewinsky.

The pair engaged in nine sexual encounters in the famous Oval Office, some of which took place while the First Lady Hilary was still in the White House.

Lewinsky and Clinton engaged in oral sex and other sexual acts, but never penetrative intercourse, and the entire story is due to play out in new TV series Impeachment: American Crime Story.

However, the steamy relationship came to an end after Lewinsky’s conversation to what she believed was a trusting colleague, were being recorded for evidence.

Linda Tripp, who was a Pentagon employee at the time, became key to unraveling the affair after gaining the trust of Lewinsky.

Lewinsky was just 22 when she began working at the White House as an unpaid intern before taking a paid role. When her superiors became concerned about her time spent with Bill Clinton.

She was moved to the Pentagon where she first met Tripp and confessed the affair. Tripp gathered secret recordings as evidence before handing them over to an independent prosecutor.

Tripp revealed that the private information from Lewinsky was only revealed because she felt it was her patriotic duty, according to the New York Times.

When Tripp first found out about the affair, she turned to literary agent Lucianne Goldberg, who advised her to record telephone conversations.

During one of the audiotapes, Tripp even helped Lewinsky write a love letter to the president.

Tripp also predicated that their friendship would come to an end in one call.

On December 22 in 1997, Tripp told Lewinsky over the phone: “I feel like I’m sticking a knife in your back.

“And I know at the end of this, if I have to go forward, you will never speak to me again.”

Tripp passed away in April last year at the age of 70, as she worked on a book proposal titled ‘Behind Closed Doors: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House.’

Impeachment: American Crime Story will revisit the affair along with insight from Lewinsky, who is one of the show’s producers.

The show, which is the third in the series, will see oscar-nominated British actor Clive Owen star as Bill Clinton with Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky.

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Impeachment: American Crime Story will air tonight at 9pm on FX in the US.

However, no UK release date has been announced but the BBC has broadcast the series in the past.

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