Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023

Internet sensation farmer targets drivers ‘who park like wallies’ at UK beach

A Cornish farmer’s solution to terrible parking on a beach has made him an internet sensation after a sign suggesting people who 'park like wallies' pay £10 was snapped and shared online.

The sign charges people £3 to park 'neat and tight' and £10 to "park like a wally' on his beachfront land, and has already resulted in some guiltily-posted ten pound notes at his small honesty system run car park.

A small section of farmer Ian Flindall's Chypraze Farm is used as a car park for Portheras Cove footpath and beach, a popular beauty spot among tourists and locals which is often rammed with cars taking up 'three or four' spaces.

The farmer said dodgy parking can mean fewer people get in, and fewer can visit the footpath and nearby beach.

He erected a new sign for the car park – acting as an addendum to the “Parking £3 per stay” sign.

The new sign now offers two tariffs: £3 for “parking neat and tight” and £10 for “parking like a wally”.

“I don’t want to charge people too much,” Mr Flindall said, “or rip people off.

"But if they take up four spaces, then surely they should pay for four spaces.

"If people park sensibly we can get a fair few cars in, but if they don’t it’s mayhem.

“As much as one would like to leave the public to their own devices, I’m afraid some will spoil it. We’re quite remote fortunately, but there’s some uncontrolled parking nearby which we want to avoid.”

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Surprisingly, Mr Flindall said, he has had a few £10 notes posted into the box.

“For some strange reason I get them tucked in quite often,” he added. “I figure they think, ‘well I’ve just abandoned the car, here’s a tenner'.”

A photo of the warning sign was posted to social media site Reddit, on r/CasualUK, accompanied with the caption: “Genius way to stop people parking like t***s.”

Currently sitting at more than 1,900 upvotes, the post entertained and surprised Mr Flindall, who had never heard of Reddit and was happy people saw the funny side of it.

He said of his land’s internet fame: “We do get a fair few people come to take pictures of the sign.

"If you can’t have a bit of a laugh what can you do?”

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