Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021

Ivanka Trump confession: Donald Trump’s ‘demanding parenting style’ exposed

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Ivanka – dubbed the First Daughter – is a senior adviser to the US President, as is her husband Jared Kushner. However, she has also described herself as “my father’s daughter” and even opened up as to what it was like having him as a father. In an interview with CNN in 2016, Ivanka was asked how she would describe Mr Trump as a parent.

She said: “He was the same type of parent as we see generally – he was funny, sometimes wickedly so, a great sense of humour.

“He was demanding of us, he had very high expectations for us, because he knew what we had the potential to accomplish, and he saw the potential in us before we saw it in ourselves and I think really encouraged us to pursue our passions.”

She added that her father was determined that Ivanka and his other children would only follow him into real estate if that is what they were truly passionate about.

He would even playfully try to undermine her thought process about going into the family business just to check and make sure it is definitely what she wanted.

Ivanka said: “He wanted us to find meaning and purpose in our lives, but was very careful not to push us into real estate.

“I think that’s partially because his excitement, his passion for real estate and everything he did, he brought home and so I think we inherited a little bit of that excitement.

“And perhaps it’s in the blood, but he always said to us ‘You have to do what you love or you’ll never succeed, you’ll never be able to compete at the highest level if you don’t deeply love what it is that you do. If you don’t want to get up every morning and do what it is that you’re doing.’

“And he firmly believes that – it’s probably the most consistent piece of advice he gave me his whole life.

“So he would periodically check in with me and almost undermine my thought process about coming into the family business, because he wanted to make sure that I knew that it wasn’t an expectation of his.”

She added that her father was not very big on changing nappies or reading bedtime stories, but was more “traditional”.

He also wasn’t always physically present or home in time for dinner, because he was a very busy person building a huge company.

That said, Ivanka claimed he was always accessible and she never questioned that she and her siblings were his top priority.

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She recalled how she and her friend used to hide in a janitor’s cupboard during school breaks and she would call her father using the payphone, and he would pick up every single time.

She said: “He would put me on speakerphone, it wouldn’t be a long conversation, he would introduce me to whoever was in his office.

“Only in retrospect I laugh now but it didn’t matter who was there – it was colleagues, it was titans of industry, it was heads of countries, he would always take my call.

“And he’d always tell everyone in the room how great a daughter I was and say cute things and ask me about a test I took.

“But I think that’s really telling of him as a parent, we always came first.”

Ivanka is one of five children Donald Trump has with three women: Donald Jnr, Ivanka and Eric are his oldest children, who he had with Ivana Trump, then he had Tiffany with his second wife Marla Maples and then Barron is his youngest, who he had with Melania.

Ivanka’s parents divorced in 1992 when she was around 11 years old.

The First Daughter said she appreciates everything her father did much more now that she is a parent of three young children herself.

Arabella Rose is eight years old, Theodore James is six years old and Joseph Frederick is four years old.

Ivanka said: “I think as a teenager I thought parenting was just something that happens and now I realise how much work goes into raising kids with a sense of purpose and work ethic and raising them to be close to one another and obviously to stay close with their parents.”

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