Friday, 26 Feb 2021

Jonathan Ashworth loses umbrella and nearly gets hit by TV lighting live on air

Labour's Jonathan Ashworth was nearly wiped out by television equipment that crashed down on him by strong wind during a chaotic interview with Sky News.

The shadow Health Secretary was speaking about the latest developments on a coronavirus vaccine while standing in the streets from his Leicester constituency.

But the blustery conditions blew off his umbrella and a filming light nearly hit his head.

The segment was shared on social media by presenter Sophy Ridge, writing: "Politician vs weather: 'This is going to be one of those clips that will go viral no doubt.'

"It's a wet and windy weekend for many – but even more for Labour's Jon Ashworth as he battles inside out umbrellas and catches lights."

In the clip, Mr Ashworth is holding his umbrella firmly while trying to answer a question regarding the public taking a vaccine.

The interview is forced to pause when his umbrella flips upward.

The MP is heard saying "oh no" as he catches the filming light that nearly crashes onto him.

Sophy tells him from the studio: "If you need to take a moment, we can come back to you."

Mr Ashworth manages to put the light back and giggles, saying: "The umbrella is gone. This is going to be one of those clips that will go viral no doubt."

Then he carried on explaining the vaccine legislation and said the Covid-19 vaccine should not be made mandatory.

Viewers were impressed by Mr Ashworth's saving the television equipment and his handling of the weather's interruption.

One wrote: "Great reaction by Jon Ashworth. Hats off to him for continuing with humour and aplomb."

"What a guy and well handled by both!" another commented. "I’m sure that will make many laugh for years on 'when live TV went wrong'."

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