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Kate Middleton blasted William for ‘cheapening her image’ on ‘boys’ night out’

Having recently announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will host a charity carol service at Westminster Abbey next week, it is clear that William and Kate are stepping up to their increasingly integral role within the royal family.

Earlier this year the couple celebrated 10 years of marriage but that didn’t reach this point without a few challenging moments, according to a 2007 report.

It claimed that William had been seen dancing on a podium in Bournemouth on a rowdy boys night out, attracting the attention of another woman.

This report was just another example of rumours about the Duke of Cambridge’s laddish behaviour, with newspapers claiming just days before he was seen sharing an embrace with a woman while on a ‘boys’ night out’ in Boujis, London.

According to the Express, the newspaper quoted a friend of Kate’s who said the Duchess sent a warning to William about how he was making her look.

The friend said: ‘Kate told William that he was making her look bad.

‘She has coped for years with girls flinging themselves at her boyfriend and, for a while, she found it humorous and even flattering.

'But after his recent behaviour she gave him an ultimatum and told him that every time he behaved like that in public he was cheapening her image as well as his own.

‘She told him she wasn’t prepared to be treated like a doormat and that his carefree behaviour was affecting her image.

‘She gave him quite a pasting, In the past, she had always let go of things like that, but this really bothered her.’

A close family friend of Kate’s added: ‘Kate rose above all the rumours and just laughed them off, but something recently snapped in her.

‘She was irritated with she first read about his flirting in Bournemouth and she wasn’t best pleased to hear about the blonde he ended up with on the dance floor at Boujis.’

It was a tough year for Kate and William in 2007 as they endured a brief split in their relationship. Reports also claim that William broke up with Kate via a phone call she received while at work.

Following the Queen stepping back from more royal engagements and the couple having to stand up, we wonder if this is now the end of William’s unruly behaviour in the fears of ‘cheapening, the image of the couple.

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