Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Killer living as woman after prison release ‘threatens to kill victim’s family’

The family of a serial killer’s victim say they will be “looking over their shoulder for the rest of their lives” after the murderer threatened to “take them out” upon his release from prison.

Serial killer Reginald Arthurell was released from jail at the end of 2020, after legal experts decided that it was safer to grant parole than allow the sentence to come to a complete end.

“There comes a time when it becomes dangerous to let someone out without supervision at all,” New South Wales’s State Parole Authority chair David Frearson said at the time.

But while the release conditions oblige Arthurell to wear an ankle tag and “not undergo any significant changes of appearance”, they do not appear to have prevented the triple murderer from adopting the name “Regina” and joining a transgender community website.

On the social network the former rodeo cowboy, who now uses the name “Regina Kaye”, poses in a variety of wigs and dresses. One member of the community says Arthurell has made death threats against one of his victims’ families in private Facebook messages.

Arthurell, now 72, served 23 years of a 24-year sentence for murdering fiancée Venet Raylee Mulhall in 1995.

After bludgeoning the 54-year-old divorcée to death, the twisted killer then uploaded a number of selfies while posing in the victim’s dress.

Arthurell was already in jail for two manslaughter convictions before starting to exchange letters with Ms Mulhall, a devout Christian serving in the Prison Fellowship.

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Ms Mulhall, who was a mother of four left severely disfigured after an operation to remove a brain tumour, fell for the strapping rodeo cowboy who was known as “Tex”. She agreed to have the convict released into her care to satisfy parole conditions but her kindness was rewarded with brutal murder.

Her brother Paul Quinn, who found the battered body alongside photos of the murderer wearing the victim’s clothing, told The Australian Daily Telegraph “It’s disgusting to think this man will be out and trying to use taxpayers’ money to have a sex change.”

He says that the judge at Arthurell’s 1997 trial should have set a life term without parole.

Now, New South Wales’s Corrective Services department has received a report from a concerned member of the online transgender community, alleging that Arthurell had told them he planned to get his revenge on Ms Mulhall’s family and certain law enforcement officers once the parole term was over and the ankle tag was removed.

Mr Quinn says that someone could easily get to know “Regina,” person,without knowing anything about Arthurell's long list of murders, and come to harm as a result.

“That unknown person is again going to bear the consequences of having to deal with this person – and they are unprepared,” he said.

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