Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Kim Jong-un may be ‘using skinny body double so he doesn’t have to lose weight’

Kim Jong-un is using a skinny body double so he doesn't have to lose weight, a popular online conspiracy theory suggests.

The North Korean leader has reportedly lost huge amounts of weight since the beginning of this year.

He has been pictured looking slender at state events, seemingly in solidarity with the North Korean population which is suffering mass food shortages.

But not all are convinced by the leader's amazing slimming plan, suggesting he may in fact be using a skinny body double to mask his own true size.

Kim has long been one of the larger world leaders.

Twitter user Kendra Stenberg said her mum thinks she knows better than to believe the despot, Lad Bible reported.

She wrote: "My mum strongly believes that Kim Jong-Un is not Kim Jong-Un.

"At dinner, she was saying that the real Kim Jong-Un died of COVID-19 and the slimmer guy that we saw on TV is a body double."

Kendra added crying laughing emojis, suggesting she doesn't fully believe her mum.

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But plenty are taking it more seriously.

User Rudedogg explained: "That is not the real Kim jong-un !

"He died of coronavirus last year , what we see is his body double !

"His sister is in charge !"

Kim's sister Yo-jong has been tipped to replace the chubby charlatan when he dies, gaining a big promotion recently to the country's State Affairs Commission.

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And dictators have long been said to have body doubles.

From Melania Trump to Joseph Stalin to Vladimir Putin, few globetrotting leaders and their spouses are really in so many places at once, conspiracy theorists say.

Yet North Koreans have no such freedom to speculate: it is treason to gossip about the leader's health, with guilty parties punished with prison terms.

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Even still, those outside the captive country can say whatever they like.

The theory certainly makes sense, as Kim could display a new slim frame outdoors while shunning the shortages and scoffing his face at home.

All that's holding it back is the fact his supposed double does look strikingly like him.

And the weight loss has been so gradual he'd need a small army of doubles at every size to make it seem more plausible.

Still, anything's possible in North Korea.

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