Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Knife-wielding kidnapper abducted child at knifepoint from ‘screaming’ mum’s car

A weirdo who helped snatch a child from their foster mum claimed social services are "infiltrated by Satanists".

Wilfred Wong, 56, threatened a mother with a knife as she returned home from the school run on November 4 last year, because he believed she was working for the devil.

A Youtube video of Wong spouting about Satanists taking over social services and family courts was played at Caernarfon Crown Court, North Wales.

A jury found him guilty of conspiring to kidnap a child who he wrongly believed was at risk of falling into a Satanist's hands, NorthWalesLive reports.

He was also convicted of possessing a bladed article in the kidnapping which left the child's foster mum from Anglesey "screaming and hysterical".

The clips can only be reported on now after reporting restrictions were lifted.

In the footage played to the court last month, Wong claimed: "The family court system (has) been infiltrated by Satanists, as well as social services.

"It enables them to turn upside down the system that is supposed to protect children from abuse into something that protects the abuser and penalises the whistleblower, and gives the child back to the abuser's custody."

Wong, of Pied Bull Court, Galen Place, Camden, also bizarrely claimed Satanists use social services to make money, saying: "Fostering agencies, care agencies, local authorities and so called experts say that the whistleblowing (person) is not fit to care for the child.

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"They make 10s of thousands of pounds… it’s a gravy train."

He added: "It has become so clear that the only way to protect a child from (abuse) is to take the child and flee the country and hide until the child has grown to adulthood.

"It’s the government’s fault for allowing the family courts to be corrupted to this extent."

In a second video, the jury watched Wong make more outlandish claims: "I do surveillance on Satanic covens. They like to meet on dates in the Satanic calendar and on the birth dates of their members."

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Wong and five co-conspirators will be sentenced in September for their part in a chilling scheme to kidnap the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons from foster care in North Wales, and take them to southern England and then abroad.

Janet Stevenson, 67, and Edward Stevenson, 69, both of Parnell Close, Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex, were found guilty at their trial of conspiracy to kidnap on July 23.

Anke Hill, 51, of North Wales, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap.

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