Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Lonely pervs tricked into paying for nudes snaps of AI woman in school uniform

Lonely men on the internet have been left fuming after they were tricked into paying for nudes of what turned out to a be AI-generated image instead of a real woman.

A Reddit user named "Claudia", which claimed to be run by a 19-year-old woman, posted several saucy images on the platform and offered to send nude pictures to people in exchange for money.

Several users jumped at the opportunity, with one offering to pay for her nudes and another lonely soul asking the AI out, claiming that they make a six-figure salary.

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As it turns out, Claudia wasn’t real; she was an AI-generated creation of two computer science students who managed to get $100 (£79) off lonely blokes before they were called out.

The pairRolling Stonethat while they set out to create a “test to see if you can fool people with AI pictures,” they “didn’t think it would get this much traction.”

The duo, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that they asked Stable Diffusion, a cutting-edge piece of AI photo generation software, to create several photos based on the prompt: “Without makeup with black hair, shoulder length hair, simple background, straight hair, hair bangs.”

Many across the internet were drawn to the digital stunner, with one user who told the Washington Post they felt “a bit cheated” after learning Claudia was a fake told her in a comment that she looked “pretty sexy and perfect".

One Reddit user, however, saw through Claudia’s AI mask mask, writing underneath one of her snaps: “For those who aren't aware, I'm going to kill your fantasy.

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“This is literally an AI creation; if you've worked with AI image models and made your own long enough, you can 10000% tell. Sorry to ruin the surprise, I guess.”

Others began noticing strange details in the photos, with some spotting blemishes and odd looking structures that were previously overlooked.

Soon, many began realising that Claudia always obscured or hid her hands in her photos

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Experts have noted that generative AI often has a very difficult time generating images of hands, with the results often looking like something out of a horror film

Stability AI, the London-based tech start-up behind Stable Diffusion, bans users from creating “obscene, lewd, lascivious, offensive [and] pornographic” images with its technology.

But since Stable Diffusion is available to the public, the company cannot track how it is used.


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