Friday, 9 Jun 2023

Man, 77, violates coronavirus lockdown to ‘hunt Pokemon’ as cops issue fine

A 77-year-old man has been fined by Spanish police after breaking the city’s coronavirus quarantine to “hunt Pokemon”.

The man, who has not been named but was reportedly playing the Pokemon Go video game on his phone, was caught by cops in Madrid’s Latina district at 1:15 pm on Sunday, March 22.

A police report said he was stopped for breaking the “state of alarm for COVID-19”.

It claims the man was “found on a public road and he states that he was hunting Pokemon.”

Police in Madrid filed a total of 4,580 cases of people flouting the lockdown rules from March 15-22, with 30 arrests.

A man was reportedly stopped three times by officers in Valdemoro, a town near Madrid on Sunday, and tried to attack cops.

The Spanish government has ordered citizens to stay at home unless they have an emergency or are going to buy food or medical supplies.

Two adults are not allowed to go to the shops together and citizens who break the rules can face fines of between 100 and 30,000 euros (£92 and £27,891) and up to 600,000 euros (£557,820) in cases of repeatedly breaking the quarantine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night announced an unprecedented new series of measures to tackle the outbreak in the UK.

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Speaking from Downing Street, the Prime Minister banned people from leaving their homes except for specific purposes.

These include shopping for basic necessities, basic exercise, medical needs, and travelling to and from work, but only if it is absolutely impossible to work from home.

The police have been given powers to disperse any public gatherings of more than two people, excluding those that you live with.

All social events except funerals will be banned.

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Johnson warned that without a "huge national effort" the NHS would become overwhelmed.

He added: "You should not be meeting friends. If your friends ask you to meet, you should say no."

The PM also warned against any meeting with family and any shopping trips for anything except essentials such as food and medicine.

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