Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

Man builds massive wall of poo after property line dispute with neighbour

A dispute over the boundary line between two properties has taken an unpleasant turn after one of the neighbours has built a “fence” out of cow manure.

Jaidyn Schwarzel , who lives next door to the angry farmer in Lodi Township, Michigan, says "It's just a s*** pile over there.”

Jaidyn and partner Coyne Gatto are renting the house from Wayne Lambarth, whose grandfather developed the farm a century ago.

But last year the property was divided, and there’s some disagreement over where the boundary line should be.

The problem has escalated to the point where the farmer has built a massive wall of cow poo to make it clear where the line should be drawn.

Although, when asked about the foul-smelling rampart, the farmer insisted, "It's not a poop wall. It's a compost fence.”

When he was told by journalists from local news station Fox 2 that his neighbour did not like the constant smell of poo, he responded with “something inaudible about not liking the price of milk before he got back to work on his farm”.

The massive poo partition is about 250 feet long, and is reportedly slightly closer to the Lambarth property than the farmhouse.

"Normally they spread it on the field but they decided to make a fence out of it," Lambarth told Fox.

For now, there’s no answer to the problem. Local officials accept that the s*** stockade is a “disgusting nuisance” but say nothing can be done about the faeces fortification because it is on the neighbour's property.

But for Wayne Lambarth’s tenants, the wall of poo is imprisoning them in their home.

Jaidyn said the unholy stink ruins her day every time she walks out of the door. "It's like you can't leave the window open," Coyne Gatto said. The whole upstairs will smell like it" .

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